Baseball & Softball

At Next Play, we treat Softball and Baseball a bit differently than our other sports. Because players only touch the ball a few times during each game, capturing highlights with game film is never guaranteed. We recommend Individual and Group Skill Filming Sessions to showcase ball player's talents. At Skill Sessions, Next Play is able to capture your mechanics and highlight your technique in any position.

VIDEO SKILL SESSIONS - Includes 1 or 2 professional videographers for up to 2 hours, filming multiple angles of each skill--batting, fielding, base running, etc. Videos feature each skill from multiple angles, enabling coaches and recruiters to see your technique as if they were watching from the stands. Get a Quote Now

Team Deals

Get your teammates involved and save!

Have a friend or teammate who also needs a recruiting video? Film your Skill Session together and you both receive $50 off your package price.

At Next Play, we're dedicated to helping student athletes get to the next level. Talk with our friendly staff to answer all your questions about recruiting and video today! (775) 284-9735 or