Catching the eye of a recruiter in a hurry can be a challenge, especially for aspiring college basketball players. College basketball coaches are perhaps the most inundated of all recruiters, seeing hundreds of reels from all over the world each year. Even so, coaches say Next Play videos are the ones that stand out. Our videos provide an efficient, professional look at your skills, something busy recruiters appreciate.

Using Our Video
GAME FILM & HIGHLIGHT VIDEOS - Sign up to have your games filmed by Next Play this season! Benefits include special pricing on highlight videos, recruiting profiles and athlete education and marketing assistance. We custom-build our game film packages based on your needs. Get a Quote Now

VIDEO SKILL SESSIONS - Includes 1 or 2 professional videographers for up to 2 hours, filming multiple angles of each skill simultaneously--long snaps, blocking, punting, etc. (for volleyball: setting, blocking, serving, etc. -- for basketball: free throws, rebounding, etc. -- for soccer: penalty kicks, goaltending, etc.) Videos feature each skill from multiple angles, enabling coaches and recruiters to see your technique as if they were watching from the stands. Get a Quote Now

TEAM HIGHLIGHTS - A fun way to remember the season! Next Play create full-team highlight videos that are perfect for End of Season Banquets and Graduation Parties. Professionally produced and printed, these DVDs are top requests from coaches and parents! Get a Quote Now